Milad Tower | 28 Aug. 2015 | Tehran 5 th Internet Marketing & Tourism Industry Conference



News on the Fifth International Conference on Internet Marketing & Tourism Industry Conference

International conference on Internet Marketing & Tourism Industry Conference will be held in 2014 in 4 cities: Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz and Bandar Abbas. In addition to addressing the main topics such as website optimization, internet marketing and branding through social networks, particular focus is made on the impact ofonline tools on economic growth, increasing sales and expanding export markets, Internet entrepreneurship and branding of local companies based on successful global models. To achieve this goal, experts in economics and international business are invited to speak at the conference of this year.


  • Hamid Sepidnam
    Hamid Sepidnam
  • Dr Ali Mohammadi tat
    Dr Ali Mohammadi tat
  • Mohammad Omrani
    Mohammad Omrani
  • Mohammad Mehdi Rabbani
    Mohammad Mehdi Rabbani
  • Gareth Hoyle
    Gareth Hoyle
  • Alex Kenny
    Alex Kenny
  • Beatriz Oficialdegui
    Beatriz Oficialdegui
  • Nick Garner
    Nick Garner
  • Duncan Alexander
    Duncan Alexander

Speech Topics

  • Marketing and e-commerce
  • Content creation strategy for increasing website traffic
  • Website analysis and branding through social networks
  • Data analysis for improvement
  • Examining instances of successful international companies
  • Developing non-petroleum exports using the Internet
  • Localizing Internet marketing strategies
  • Developing Internet business and entrepreneurship
  • SEO and website optimization
  • Developing tourism using the Internet
  • Income generation models on the Internet
  • Establishing international businesses
  • Studying brands that have raised sales using web-marketing
  • The effect of Internet marketing on economic growth

Previous Events

After holding four successful international conferences, in the fifth course Kaspid and Azarak Holding were selected as hosts of this conference and will welcome the world's top gurus of internet marketing.

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