Espinas Palace | 17 Jan. 2020 | Tehran 6 th Digital Marketing & Tourism Industry Conference



News on the Sixth International Conference on Digital Marketing and Tourism Industry

The 6th International Digital Marketing and Tourism industry Conference will take place on January 18th, 2020 at International Convention Center in Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran. And will focus on topics such as the role of digital marketing in improving the branding process, identifying the potentials of online businesses in urban economy, recognizing innovative product and service marketing patterns using new internet marketing methods, exploiting the power of social networks and online marketing in attracting and expanding tourism, ways to set up online businesses in line with entrepreneurship development, increasing sales and development of export markets through digital marketing, the impact of the tourism industry on branding and penetration of Iranian culture in the world. In this huge conference there will be many great audiences such as CEOs, chief business officers, government officials, public relations managers and sales experts who are active in various businesses.


  • Orazio Spoto
    Orazio Spoto
  • Hjörtur Smárason
    Hjörtur Smárason
  • Christion Farioli
    Christion Farioli
  • Pawel Chrzan
    Pawel Chrzan

Speech Topics

  • Digital marketing and internet marketing
  • Branding through social networksc
  • Review of successful international companie
  • Localization of digital marketing strateg
  • Review of the latest Google algorithms
  • Revenue models oninternet and social networks
  • Investigating successful brands in increasing sales through digital marketing
  • Content creation strategy to increase website traffic
  • Data analysis in order to be better
  • Developing non-oil exports using digital marketing
  • Development ofonline entrepreneurship and busin
  • Development of tourism through social networks
  • Creating international businesses
  • The impact of internet marketing on economic growth

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After holding five successful international conferences, in the 6th conference, Kaspid Company, as the holder of the conference, will be hosting the top professors around the world in Digital Marketing and Tourism industry.

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