Conference schedule

Caspian ICT Company (Kaspid) with activity license, No 98 ص ت/ 1018, from Tehran ICT Guild organization and more than 20 years continuous and professional work in the areas of website design and optimization, mobile app design and performing digital marketing campaigns and holding five successful international conferences in Iran, this year is going to hold the 6th International Digital Marketing and Tourism industry conference with the presence of internationally acclaimed professors on January 18th, 2020 at International Convention Center in Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran.

Professors invited to the conference are:

  • Pawel Chrzan Google business analyzer and Google products analyzer, 2012-2014 and Facebook product analyzer, 2014-2018
  • Christian Farioli Digital marketing genius and strategist, consultant of companies such as Huawei, Burj Al Arab, Buyer, Armani and lecturer of best international conferences in more than 30 countries, holder of marketing license from Google, Microsoft, Hub Spot and winner of Innovation Prize form Orakel Company.
  • Hjörtur Smárason Chief Communications Officer at Space Nation،Editor of the book “2052 Svipmyndir úr framtíðinni”, a collection of 24 short stories that all take place in Iceland in the year 2052 (2019);
  • Orazio Spoto founder of Instagrammers, professional Instagram teacher and Blogger, Content and influencer marketing

Caspian ICT Company (Kaspid) with more than 20 years professional work in web and digital marketing, as the holder of this conference, will be hosting the top digital marketing and tourism development professors and you can go to this website and pay online and reserve your seat.

The 6th International Digital Marketing and Tourism industry will focus on topics such as:

  • Digital marketing and internet marketing
  • Branding through social networks
  • Review of successful international companies
  • Localization of digital marketing strategies
  • Review of the latest Google algorithms
  • Revenue models on internet and social networks
  • Investigating successful brands in increasing sales through digital marketing
  • Content creation strategy to increase website traffic
  • Data analysis in order to be better
  • Developing non-oil exports using digital marketing
  • Development of online entrepreneurship and businesses
  • Development of tourism through social networks
  • Creating international businesses
  • The impact of internet marketing on economic growth

It's focused.

In this huge conference there will be many great audiences such as CEOs, chief business officers, government officials, public relations managers and sales experts who are active in various businesses.